November 17, 1900

Concerning the 30 Aethyrs:

The Visions of the 29th and 30th Aethyrs were given to me in Mexico in August2, 1900, and I am now (November 23rd, 1909) trying to get the rest. It is to be remarked that the last three aethyrs3 have ten angels attributed to them,4 and they therefore represent the ten Sephiroth. Yet these ten form but one, a Malkuth-pendant to the next three,5 and so on, each set being, as it were, absorbed in the higher.6 The last set consists, therefore, of the first three aethyrs with the remaining twenty-seven as their Malkuth. And the letters of the first three aethyrs are the key- sigils of the most exalted interpretation of the Sephiroth.

I is therefore Kether;
L, Chokmah and Binah;
A, Chesed;
N, Geburah;
R, Tiphereth;
Z, Netzach;
N, Hod;
O, Jesod.

The geomantic correspondences of the Enochian alphabet form a sublime commentary.

Note that the total angels of the aethyrs are 91, the numeration of Amen.