Commentary to the 26th Æthyr:

1.  [ DES]  Yf c = [X]זי, In number, (31 + 10 + 7) = 48, equivalent to כוכב = Kobab, the sphere of ☿. [For this reading, D = YX = שט = Atus XI and XX = (11 + 20) = 31.] This Æthyr describes the supercession of the Æon of Jehovah and Jesus. The Stèle of Revealing, which lead to The Book of the Law, whose key number is 31. D = X = Y= 31. E = י = f = Nuit and the point, Hadit. S = ז = c = the Twins, Ra-Hoor-Khuit and Hoor-Paar-Kraat combined in Heru-Ra-Ha, the Lord of the Æon. Also f and c are the Houses of ☿, the logos. Thus the name of the Æthyr actually means: The Sacred Secret Key-letter of The Book of the Law of Thelema, appearing through the Operation of Mercury as well as giving a complete symbolical description of the Stèle itself.
    The Arcanum of Atu XX = שY= “The Last Judgment” or “The Angel.” The old form of XX shows the Resurrection Formula of the Old Æon; the new form shews the Stèle of Revealing - 718. (στήλη 666 = 718). (στ = 6; ή = 8; λ = 30; η = 8.)

2. The Pentagram indicates that the subject of the Vision is to be the Destiny of Man. The blackness, which is bright, is Solar. The context shows that Binah is not here implied. 

3. All symbols of division and destruction; also, extending only to the Blind Four Elements. 

4. Righteousness = Jupiter-Jehovah. Beauty = Osiris-Jesus. These are the qualities they claimed; their failure is that they never even had the idea of the Supernals beyond the Abyss. 

5. Hearing pertains to Spirit, as sight to fire. These gods have deprived man of his two highest faculties.

6. See the 10th Key

7. 123. The Zodiac brought down to the material plane. 

8. [A note by Crowley of uncertain provenance (alluding to the IX° and XI° of O.T.O.) reads: “That is, the restriction of Love to the two “normal” Formulæ of ה and י and ה and ו is barren and evil.”]

9. The Œdipus complex. Christianity.

10. The Cult of Jehovah cannot even reach to Daäth.

11. I.e., Jehovah is not even the true Chesed, but the evil Dyad (as opposed to the true Dyad of Chokmah, which interprets Kether in terms of Vibration, the logos.)

12. The promise of breaking the tyranny of Jehovah, who was the evil ♃ in the Æon of the true ♃ Isis, by the Solar (golden) Jesus. He appears as an eagle, the bird of Jupiter. So that despite the glittering hope, it was only the old Æon all over again. 

13. He knows this truth, which destroys the whole idea of his formula. Nobody will bother about him, if they are not sinners, and need no savior. 

14. Observe the loud words, the confession of the thought, throughout this excited passage.

15. He knows that he is not an image of Simple, Sublime Self, but an ill-concocted mess of Blind Forces.

16.   Jesus has been destroyed by myriads of minute facts; the observations of Nature which have broken down the theories on which his existence depended. His blood is spilt, and veils Truth; whereas the Blood of the Master of the Temple is gathered in the Cup of BABALON, and floods the world with Life and Beauty. (See 27th Aire, note 5.)

17. [Lat., “The Church shrinks from blood.”] The Christian, incapable of the formula of the Master of the Temple, abhors the shedding of blood. He fears to lose his vile life.

18.  I.e., the meaning of the Latin is that given above, not the traditional ecclesiastical interpretation, Cf., also, AL I:45-48.

19.  Not only symbolic, but actually visible even to the physical eyes, when Nuit is manifested. Also when Ra-Hoor-Khuit is invoked, or Aiwass.

20. See the various special accounts of the Stèle. The New Atu XX - 718.

21. [Geb.]

22. Earth has absorbed all the ruin wrought by Jesus, to rebuild life through putrefaction, by her regular formula - as opposed to the Higher Magick. 

23. [Liber AL II:21.}

24. This vision, being so close to the physical plane, required no intermediate stations on the way back. The exhaustion was due to the same cause. Communion with higher spiritual forces renews the vitality of the Seer.