Commentary to the 28th Æthyr:

1. a b d = ח + ו + ה = 19. Eve, to manifest, to shew forth = חוה

2. Opal = rainbow = i  

3. Atu XIX = The wheel of the sun, symbolic of universally radiating energy; and 19 is a glyph of the circle.

4. 19 = Angel L[ord of the} T[riplicity by] D[ay] of i.

5. 19 = דיה was black. 

6. Reference to Binah. 

7. ח = Fence

8. References to Binah = Eve. 19 is the great glyph of the Feminine. 

9. Time = G = Binah.

10. I.e., must attain to 8°=3.

11. All are references to Binah.

12. Binah absorbs all. 

13. Binah destroys Knowledge. 

14. Hands: 
C. For Hand is yod, Virgo. Also the two hands are the Twin Serpents, the Positive and the Negative.

15. See Liber AL, III:72. 

16. Eyes: 
A and B. Executive currents of the logos. The mouth, usually attributed to Mercury in the usual system, cannot be used in this phrase; for the Mouth is One, not Two, being the logos itself. And the logos is essentially an Unity, although manifested through vibration. It is therefore not destroyed with the other objects of Knowledge, though its dual modes of expression, the hands, are no longer known apart. 

17. Nostrils: 
E and D.

18. Ears: 
F and G.

19. The Elements are hidden in Binah.

20. In the light of the cry of LOE, this passage seems to mean precisely the opposite of its apparent meaning. The whole cry, from “Let me dwell...” is an Invocation of Binah. It is a foreshadowing of the Mysteries of the Crossing of the Abyss.  

21. The translation of this is in my (AC’s) private copy (white and gold binding). Possibly also in the Cefalù set which was copied from that. [This translation is probably not extant. This passage does not appear to be Enochian, but does include a few Enochian words, and is probably a hybrid of Enochian and the “Lunar Language.” as occurs in “Liber 729, The Amalantrah Working.” See Works Cited.] 

22. Binah or Nuit  = Draco, the Dragon.  

23. See the 14th and 13th Æthyrs. 

24. See the 10th Æthyr. These statements are prophetic. 

25. Tiphareth; and the sign of Osiris risen in 5°=6.  

26. Prophetic of the 8°=3 attainment; the pillar is phallic,  and salt is 🜔, of Binah the Great Sea. Cf. “Liber LXV” V:5, 23, 25. [See also Gen. 19:26.]

27. The completed system which is made by the 7°=4.

28. The 8°=3 may devise a new Qabalah.

29. One cannot become an 8°=3□ by intellectual manipulations.  
30. [These are LABNIXP, FOCISNI and OXLOPAR; see “Liber 84 vel Chanokh,” Part I, The Equinox I(7), P. 242.]  

31. This would appear to be: 
        PXINBAL ︎︎︎
(PXINBAL ︎︎︎)
        FOCISNI ︎︎︎
(FOCISNI ︎︎︎)
     RAPOLXO ︎︎︎
(RAPOLXO ︎︎︎)
= LIXIPSP = d i 🜃 i e c e = In Hebrew: טזטסתסח, adds to 553 = Draco Magnus = תנין גדול, The Mighty Dragon. This is the symbol of Nuit or Binah. The whole symbolism of this Angel is therefore exactly confirmed through a Qabalistic Equation of which the Seer had no idea at the time. 
    N.B. He is above the dispersion and disorder, just as Binah is above the Abyss of Choronzon. 

    [Crowley derived LIXIPSP by counting along the first row from right to left and the next to from left to right. However, the instructions in the Æthyr suggest reading the last row from right to left, which would give LIXIPSL = d i 🜃 i e c d = In Hebrew: חזטסתסח which equals 552.]

32. The four elements unharmonized break up into Choronzon.

33. Further reference to Binah.

34. Binah.

35.  Typical gesture of Binah.

36. The general attribution of this Æthyr is to Atu XVII

37. Binah being gone, the Seer descends to his normal place in Tiphareth.