Commentary to the 27th Æthyr:

1. e b b = 522 [I.e., 5th sign, 2nd sign, 2nd sign] = ווט, equaling 21. A mystery of Atu XVIII, “The Moon,” l, in which D is exalted. 

2. Possibly the traditional green of the huntress.   

3. The Colour of B.

4. The Green of D is perhaps the natural veil of Luna, her external show.

5. For B is virgin, and the path of ג crosses the wilderness of the Abyss. 

6. <Artemis>. 

7. Diana Trivia is thus described. She is the High Priestess, and the Lady of Heaven. She is the Virgin Goddess of Pure Love; and she is Hecate, the waning Moon, presiding over Witchcraft. (See Macbeth, etc.)

8. f = IX = “The Hermit” (opposite l in Zodiac). 

9. The Jackals of Atu XVIII.

10. B = 3 = ג. Cerberus has three heads.

11. For B is the Sensorium; she reflects man’s spiritual state in terms of sensuous experience.  

12. I.e., the coefficients of the Circle and the Square be commensurable. “When” means “Through what mode of resolution?” - “On what plane?” 

13. Καμηλος = a camel, i.e., ג gimel. Καμαιλος, a rope. And gimel is likened to a rope, a threefold (3 = ג) cord linking Kether and Tiphareth. <Anchor-rope.> 

14. The Angel of ד = D who is green, and ד “avails” ג, crossing it on the Tree by joining Chokmah and Binah. That is, the Love of these Supernals balances the Isolation of the Virgin Moon.

15. B in 20° l at nativity of 666.

16. I.e., I assume the God-form of Horus, Sol in the Womb of the Nightsky blue of Binah, who is the Mother of all the Stars and thus is potent against Hecate.  

17. The hounds that follow Hecate. The jackals of Atu XVIII.

Ode To Hecate ︎︎︎

18. The Lunar Language. Translation: “Ye hounds! Ho! Ho! Tally-ho! scent the poison of the path - Here! There! Bark! Sweep round! There goes the quarry down the glade of mossy rock. The foremost has caught him! Tally ho! Tally ho! Tally ho! Pull him down! Tally-ho, boys! Wind the mort! Tally ho! Tally ho! The hunt is ended!” ULU = “Hail” plus “come” = very nearly “Ahoy!”  

19. The Witches Cauldron. 

20. Ultra- violet of l.

21. D in l.

22. All this paragraph refers to Atu XIV, Sagittarius; for she is now in her huntress form. Hense the alchemical and rainbow symbolism. 

23. She appeals to Binah, the highest form of Luna. 

24. This is the use to which BABALON puts the Blood of the Masters of the Temple (see 12th Æthyr) to vivify the Rose of Universal Creation, i.e., the Attainment of the Master of the Temple fills the World with Life and Beauty. Hecate does not understand this, or else she regards it as hostile to her own Formula. 

25. 🜄 of l.
26. She can produce nothing but images of herself. 

27. Pearls - the Masters of the Temple secreted by Binah round the specks of dust which They have become. 

28. A veil or mask of Khephra (in Atu XVIII). [The MS appears to give “awful dragon” rather than “cruel dragon.”]

29. All Hecate can see of the Great Work of 8°=3  is the Black Brotherhood, i.e., the failure of that Work. 

30. Sagittarius (Atu XIV) again. the phenomena are the experiences of the attained Master of the Temple. 

31. The attainment has destroyed the conditions of physical manifestation. 

32. Olive - Water in Malkuth (Queen Scale) (also Water in Emperor Scale). Silver is Luna in Queen Scale.

33. Hecate now aspires to Binah, accepts the Formula of Love (“kisses”), surrenders her nature (“Fall back,” etc.), and so finds the Word. 

34. מאכאשאנה = 418. A word of 8 letters is necessary to perform the Great Work on one whose Formula is 3;  8°=3. The Seer “knew” that this Word was not the correct Word, which is Abrahadabra = 418. But on writing it down in Hebrew, as above, he saw that it was the correct Word after all. Observe that this proves the Angel to have been an Intelligence not that of the Seer’s conscious mind. Had he given the Word which the Seer knew, it might have been derived from his subconscious Self. Furthermore, this Word contains more than the mere 418, because of its 8 letters suiting the special Formula required by this particular Angel; whereas the other Word is a general Formula, being of 11 letters, all Magick being referred to 11. So far as ABRAHADABRA is specialized, it refers to the Work of 5°=6., there being 5 alephs and 6 other letters. In the Latin script also, Makhashanah does have 11 letters. 
    Again, the operation of the Cauldron (above) is described by the five consonants of this Word. מ = 🜄 (Water). כ = Wheel (Rose). ש = 🜂 (Fire). נ = h <Dragon>. ה = Binah.
    [The MS accents the word thus: “Makhashănah.”]

35.  [The 1952 first edition, Gerald J. Yorke’s transcription of a MS note from The Equinox I(5), and the TS, give different versions of the phrase divisions of the translations. All appear to be corrupted; the probable divisions (based on the MS) are given here:]
Hither, o Holy one,
whose burden pulls at thy spine
Ho! Ho! Ho! The two-headed God (Janus)
ploughs thy back,
sows habitations upon thy back,
thou many-phallused queen of princely loves
which are all sodomies

so that the holy ones laugh

and shake with laughter
while the lords of mischief spend upon thee
(this word cannot be translated; see ‘Liber VII’)
down bounces from thy back
the merry mad foetus-faces, an emission
gather ye sun-roses, sun-roses gather ye from the split backside of the Virgin (Earth).

36. The Word of the Master has gone forth into every part of the world. Therefore it is always possible to call Him forth to one’s assistance by the proper use of the above Formula.

37. Symbols of Binah.

38. Many of the Visions end in some way unconnected with the substance of the Æthyr. One must not look for coherence in such places. They are merely episodes on the return journey, useful to break the shock. Analogy: one might see a cab accident while returning to one’s house from the theatre. This spectacle need have no connection with either the play or one’s home life.