Commentary to the Note:

1. This note, writeen before invoking the 28th Aire, represents a crude and imperfect view. It is retained so as to show how very inadequate was the Understanding of the Seer; therefore, the immense superiority of the communicating Intelligences, and Their separate individual consciousness.

2. Query: November? See above.  

3. [I.e., the 30th, 29th, and 28th.] 

4. See [“Liber 84 vel Chanokh,” Part 1,] The Equinox I(7), pp. 242-3.

5. [Æthyrs.] 

6. [In the MS, Crowley drew two sketches illustrating aspects of this Qabalistic arrangement of the Æthyrs; see Figures 2 and 3 here. Note 1 above suggests that he rejected this arrangement, but it reappears later in the 3rd Æthyr.]